The smallest drop of rain on a leaf can bring your senses to a moment of beauty.

The reflection of the sun is reflective and the leaves and cobwebs all come to life and shine like diamonds. Pay attention to these little gifts that surround us all.  Take a breath and let the moment calm your senses.   I don’t have a special super camera that cost lots of money, but my little camera is capable of capturing the moment!  It was so beautiful.raindrop

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Pain Sucks!

If you know me personally, you know the last 5 years of my life have been filled with daily PAIN…sometimes a little more mild than others, but usually exquisite!  I know that is a weird term to use for pain, but when the pain manifests to horrible, terrible, horrific, ALMOST unbearable (note I said almost). I just say exquisite* pain.

*”Rare, consummate, extraordinary and/or intense.”

No matter which pain is taking over, you are capable of overcoming it and managing it.  IF POSSIBLE, to be most effective, try to lie down with your knees slightly up (perhaps with a pillow) – this will keep you from hyper-extending your low back.

Begin, no matter where your pain is, you must first exercise your brain. Decide you will manage it, no matter how bad it gets.  Be mental!

Secondly, feel the tension in your body.  My hip is my focus today, and when I “think” I feel my entire leg is tense.  Now use your brains again…. say “I am going to think about the tension I feel, the muscles tightening because of pain, and the entire area.  I then exhale while I consciously command my leg to let go of the tension.”

Actually since I began this post a day has past, and now my attention for pain has elevated – to my face and mouth.  I had oral surgery and extensive dental work done yesterday afternoon.

I kind of look like a little chipmonk!

Now take a deep breath inhaling through the nose slowly, visualizing the oxygen going to the area where it is especially needed, hold it for just a moment and then consciously exhale through the mouth, visualizing all the pain in your body flying from the tips of your fingers, to oblivion.  Do this several times.

Sounds simple but for those of you with no experience in relaxing or managing pain – the technique will take PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  If you choose to live successfully with enduring pain, without being drugged, drunk, or despicable, this is the best prescription anyone can use…

It works; it requires brainpower, and your dedication to practice until it becomes a natural response.  Create a “managed” pain day.

That is what I am doing and I know it will work!   God blesses us – take his given techniques and miracles, and use them.  They are not mine – they are a free gift from the Great Spirit.

That, my friends, is why I am almost always a cheery little cupcake.  Besides, it’s much more fun than any other technique to manage pain and stress.

This is the best pain management and here is the kicker is NO side effects!

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A Tribute to 911

Written by my twin brother the “day after” the strikes.  God bless America.  We must hold our hands and hearts together – no matter where we are from, if we have made America our home – We are all for one, and one for all – Americans first!  God bless you.

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Flatline.  You’ve heard it before.  You may connect it with someone who has died in an emergency, for instance…there is no beating of the heart on the monitor – only a flatline.

It’s easy to forget your life, and mine, are minutes away from ANYTHING!  Anything can happen, and it does.  Life is not motionless, nor is it forever…it is a strange phenomenon that takes us from a tiny curled infant, to various stages, and finally the age wherein an elderly person begins to “shrink and curl up “ again.  It is just the way it is. A really strange thing too is that time is not without movement.  Another phenomenon!  It changes in our minds from as a child, feeling that it is taking too long to grow up- time moves slowly and we are full of energy and dreams, anxious to be an adult – then suddenly we are in the middle of life!  In those years thoughts swirl like a whirlwind because it seems there is no time.  Not enough to take a breath and relax…it seems.

From those moments, mama told me , “Life proceeds to a point wherein you are no longer the center of your world, but more of an “afterthought”.  People still love you but they no longer have time to slow to your pace.  Your energy levels have dropped, the body has wear and tear, and thoughts of how to maintain through the pain, take the place of dreams.

Time has two speeds.  It slows to a crawl when you are alone, but when you are in the middle of “action” (as she said) time once again speeds up to accelerate full throttle.  She said it also surprises you how fast those years pass to when you are considered REALLY OLD.

“I still walk by a mirror and wonder how I can be that old lady and feel so young, mostly, in my mind.  I want to run and jump and play.  I want to do everything.  I am simply unable to do any of it. The time has passed.”

It always made me sad when mama really got these feelings out – but she needed to have someone be there with her.  Time is variable.  Time is elusive. Time is a conundrum.  Ours lives don’t come with a guarantee.  We are born, and every step we take moves us closer to death.

I am NOT negative.  I am not unhappy or being sour.  I am a realist.  These things are true.  Why did I write this today?  I have no idea.  Sometimes I just put my fingers on the keyboard and they fly.

However, I will take some measures today, not to waste whatever time is allotted to me. Where ever time and circumstance takes me, I will not throw my arms up in the air and say, “but I didn’t want to be here.”  I will not get mad or sad or feel ANYTHING but will feel empowered today.  The power knowing I HAVE CHOICES 100% OF THE TIME really is mine.

Whatever happens I am going to handle it with decorum, anticipation, and do the best I can to find joy and fun in whatever I face.  I know one thing for sure.  If I THINK I will be miserable there is more than a possibility – I absolutely will!  Truth be told, I tried being miserable.  It sucked!   So I gave it up.

Now stop reading and get up, stretch and smile and rock on…..I am going out of this life happy and believing, no matter what!  It is my time and I’ll do what I want with it!  (Oh my gosh, I felt like an 8 year old writing that!)  But it’s true.  Create a beautiful day, and thank you for taking the time to read my post!

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Easy stress management

Just take a day off from your lists, all the tasks, and all the worry….even just an hour. Everything will still be there when you return! Go outside and enjoy the natural beauty all around us.
I think this is a lovely setting considering most everything was weeds (I know there are some Poppies and wildflowers -  and there is a fire hydrant in the middle of it. To me it is very artistic.

See what you can find and have a beautiful day! God bless!

fire hydrant

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So God Made a Dog

WHILE you are watching this short youtube video (and you MUST watch it!) – use your oxygen…slow inhalations, and slow exhalations.  In with peace, turmoil out your fingertips.  Create a beautiful day.  I need to go love my dogs!

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Stem Cells from YOUR OWN Body

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Injuries and Arthritis

“Advanced stem cell therapy and blood platelet treatments for common degenerative hip conditions, injuries, and arthritis.”

“The human body is made of billions of specialized cells that form specific organs like the brain, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone. Each day these cells go through a degenerative and regenerative process. As older cells die, new cells are born from stem cells with the unique capability of being able to create multiple types of other cells. However, when tissues are injured, the degenerative process exceeds this regenerative process, resulting in structures that become weaker, painful and less functional. While there are several types of stem cells, those that are best at promoting musculoskeletal healing (tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone) are found in body fat.”


“Patient Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Conditions”

“These non-surgical stem cell injection procedures happen within a single day and may offer a viable alternative for those who are facing surgery or hip replacement. Patients quickly return to normal activity following their procedure and are able to avoid the painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods that are required following hip surgery to help restore strength, mobility and range-of-motion. You are far less vulnerable to the serious risks associated with traumatic hip surgeries, such as infection and blood clots.”

“Stem Cell injection procedure utilizes stem cells from your own body’s reserves to help heal the injured area”


“Fluoroscopy allows doctors to precisely place the stem cells into injured areasMost tissues in the body have their own stem cells, which have the ability to produce mature cells of that specific nature.  Their job is to replenish cells of that tissue when old cells die.”

“Modern techniques in today’s medicine allows us to withdraw stem cells, concentrate them through a lab process and then re-inject them precisely into the injured tissues in other areas of the body using advanced imaging guidance. Through Fluoroscopy and MSK Ultrasound, medical personal are able to ensure the cells are being introduced into the exact area of need.”


Stem cell procedures using your own stem cells is still in it’s infancy, however strides are being made daily. Some medical professionals feel this procedure may take the need for delicate surgeries and the risks of anesthesia.  I have such a strong feeling that the “body healing itself” is the right way to go, I am going to do this procedure in place of a major hip replacement.

The healing takes longer (though I have had a hip replaced) and it took a full three months to heal – and it was very painful.  I had quality professionals and the results are good, but I also have new hardware in my body – permanently!

There is no guarantee it will work, and no insurance covers it yet, but I have a “God level” feeling it may heal more than just the hip.  Studies are being performed working with those who have had spinal cord injuries (myself included). Thus far using your own stem cells has found it’s way into the areas of cancer, MS, and even the brain.

Long term studies only go out 4 years, and there are not a lot of studies with the elderly, as the cost is prohibitive.  Check out other spots on the internet and see what you can discover.  Wouldn’t it be A GREAT WAY TO MANAGE STRESS – using your own stem cells and no facing surgeries and perhaps healing from spinal cord disabilities!

Have a beautiful day!






How Are The Stem Cells Obtained?

  • The human body keeps a supply of stem cells available to help repair injured and degenerated tissues at all times, making it fairly simple to retrieve them for therapeutic purposes.
  • Procedure is done in the office, under ultrasound or x-ray precision and guidance.
  • After stem cells are withdrawn they are taken to a laboratory and centrifuged to concentrate and purify the stem cells while other cells that are not needed are removed, leaving a concentrated sample of stem cells used to help heal your injury.
  • The entire process is done by hand to enable customized designing of the stem cell specimen for your particular injury.
  • A preparation of your concentrated platelets are also gathered at this time for injection into the injury site to release growth factors that “turn on” the stem cells that will later be injected.


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