Life is like excavating…..

I just spent 10 minutes of my life reading how two people on line, who have never met, have differences of opinions.  They were fighting.  Now if that isn’t the silliest waste of time FOR ME – I will never get those 10 minutes back!

If I wanted to fight I would want to do it in person and just punch someone – with a backhand.  (Did I just say that?)

Back to excavating….

You have to dig and dig until you find what you want.  Better yet, pray and work towards the good that God wants for you!

Don’t settle.

Don’t dilute yourself with “justification” for what you do. That’s simply a lie.

Don’t be angry and unforgiving – it just takes a toll on you physically and mentally.

Don’t think of problems as such. Make them “challenges”.

Do show kindness to someone today.

Do remember we only have this very moment – live it fully.

Do remember happiness is a choice.

Do MOVE your body and feed it nutrition – it is the only place you have to live.

If you push away the negativity it will diminish.

If you get in the habit of positive thoughts and actions it will pull positive things toward you.

If you think no one really cares – think again! I do.

Do CREATE a wonderful day

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Just because some water is “in danger of being bad” – not all water is bad!


I know it sounds maybe silly, or might be something you don’t think you need to be reminded about, however – YOU DO!  SO DO I, and I know what happens if you don’t drink enough water, especially on hot days.

Aside from the fact we are about 80% water, and we will DIE without it in days, we just get “too busy” to think about drinking water!  Or it’s not tasty enough…or available easily. These are all what I call LAME excuses, and I have used a couple of them myself.

It is your life.  What difference does it make if you manage your stress and still don’t pay attention to your water intake?  Let me explain a few simple (and for many relevant) things that happen when you are dehydrated.

A lack of water puts pressure on and shrinks the brain.  Tasks will take longer to finish effectively.  Your metabolism slows down, and for anyone who wants to burn calories, this is not a good result.

If in the sun you can have sun-stroke or heat stroke.  These are serious results and can be life-changing and even deadly! (Look these up sometime)

You can become disoriented and dizzy.  Not good if watching a child or driving.   You might suffer (self-induced) heart attack, urinary tract cancer, or kidney stones – a very painful problem.

You WILL look older. Water hydrates the skin.  Without enough the skin becomes wrinkled and will loose it’s tone and delicate feel.  I don’t think men care about that too much, but it is a problem for both genders as most people don’t want to look or get old.

This is just a tiny bit of what can happen to you if you DEPLETE YOU of enough water.  Now a few things that may help.

Don’t be RIGID about water increase.  Take it slowly if need be.  ANY extra water is a plus for you.  Be selfish about your health and well-being.

I used to “trick myself” – I would put water in a beautiful crystal wine glass and add a dash of fresh lemon, along with a small piece in the glass.  (Rinse your lemons.  No telling how much they have been handled.)  I never had a hangover or got wasted with that “drink”.

Try ice, water, a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne.  For a while I just set four 16 ounce bottles of water around the house and I drank them all day until I had them empty and lined up on the sink.  I made a goal for myself.  I rewarded myself too, but I love candy and if I kept that up I would have no teeth and weigh 800 pounds!

Sometimes I just got a glass, filled it and drank it down while remembering WHY I was drinking it.  You just have to get in the habit of taking care of this if you want to save yourself lots of trouble down the road.  The problems may not manifest immediately, but they will eventually!

I don’t want you to do all the things you may do for fitness, stress management, to educate yourself, or begin a beautiful relationship with hopes for the future, and SELF-INFLICT potentially deadly damage to yourself just because, as a friend used to say to me – “I don’t like water.  It is tasteless.’

Do you like looking good, feeling good, being full of energy, and managing your life in a wonderful and positive rhythm?  Well then, if this is not worth your energy to get in the habit of “watering yourself” you are not as intelligent and motivated as I think you are!  Get on it!

That’s all because I have made myself extremely thirsty and need a drink of water – whoops – I have a cold bottle of water sitting right next to me!  Good on me.  Good on you too, now stop and get a drink of the nectar of God.
Please don’t forget to train your children to love water!  Water is gold these days.  Another important fact:  if you don’t drink enough water your organs will start stealing from each other.  If you don’t drink enough water your COLON and WASTE system will NOT work right!

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Are you overwhelmed or burned out?

Did you ever have one of those days when you would like to throw your arms into the air and say, “I can’t do it.  I can’t go any further.  I can’t handle it.”
I am sure you have.  All human beings have to go through some hell here on earth.  It’s part of the gig.  I am trying to recall how many times over a lifetime I thought or said those same things….too many to remember.
Guess what?  Here is the stress management magic to deal with those feelings.
GET OVER IT!  I say that with love and a smile, but I mean it. The biggest boost I can share about the magic of managing your own stress is that you simply DROP the negative and turn yourself around.  Even if you don’t believe it at the moment.
Words create our lives, and believe me, since my life-changing and permanent injuries, I have had to work on convincing myself I CAN DO.  I CAN HANDLE IT.  I WILL GO AS FAR AS IT TAKES TO TRY TO GET BETTER.
The trick is that our brains are much smarter than we know, and we can do amazing things if we just keep trying.  When you think in positive terms, you CREATE brain cell impressions that will eventually become habit.  When thinking positive thoughts becomes a habit, you will say more positive and healing things.  Even when you speak, as you speak, your brain is paying attention to your words…thoughts and words become your lives.
You may not get everything you want in life, but I guarantee you will begin to draw happiness and good things to you like a magnet.  People will draw to your powerful ability to stay focused and endure and be happy, as you use your intellect to change the things you can!
If it sounds too simple, it is.  But this you have to know for sure:  ONLY YOU have the ability to change your life.  Nothing has power over you except you!  Fear and insecurity are emotions that sometimes overpower our intellect..if you feel these things happening, just take a breath and switch from damaging thoughts and emotions to your intellect.  You can do it.
It is your choice one hundred percent of the time! I have to work at it constantly, but I keep thinking, and feeling in my heart, “I will endure and succeed.  It may not be today, but it will happen!” Please know these thoughts come from someone who has seen miracles with people over the years who opt to change their own life.  Know that I am someone who has to work at keeping those thoughts to keep on the right track.
Now CREATE a beautiful day, moment by moment, for you and those in the circle of your life.  You are worth it, and so are they!
If you have a mind to pray, do so.  It is a powerful tool that has been given to us to use. If you don’t believe, give it a shot anyway – it cannot do any harm, and it will start you on a path of a finer life!  Keep your goals to yourself, but live them. It will get easier.  And if, perchance, you can help someone along the way or just be kind – do so.   Acts of kindness and selflessness will be positive work, and joy will come back to you in a ways you never will expect.
I promise; and it’s all FREE for the taking!  Stop and smell the roses once in a while.  Life can still be awesome.  If you see one this color make it a point to stop – it is wonderful!Coral rose

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Regarding the post on the 6th (Bad day? )

I listened to my own advice and followed through with the plan to manage stress.  It worked of course – tried and true.  Of course you cannot change everything by changing you, but you can manage it more effectively, and really change YOU and YOUR life.Have a BEAUTIFUL day.  As a good friend states:  “Create your day”.

Here are some lovely flowers for you.  I hope they make you smile.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKeep in mind – any technique you use will become more proficient as you get in the habit of doing it.  You must also believe – THIS is going to work!  Be persistent about getting that peace of mind and joy you deserve!

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Bad day? Unhappy? Desperate?

I woke up this morning and tears began to fall down my cheeks.  Within seconds I was hysterically crying.  I know why but I won’t go into detail.  Another person’s grief and pain is just adding to the pain we all feel anyway, and I won’t do that to anyone else.

I am doing an exercise in stress management that I feel is powerful.  First I always think of God.  I will not question my faith.  But this is about me – about me  being capable of switching from powerful and dangerous emotions – to my intellect.  I visualize a line drawn directly from the top of the head and dropping all the way to the floor – perfectly centered.

When my emotions become more powerful than my intellect, I simply visualize emotions on one side and intellect on the other.  I simply exercise my power to switch from the emotions I am drowning in, to my intellect. Therein I can stand back from the trauma and be rational.

I think of the Serenity Prayer (look it up if you are not familiar with it). Whether you are spiritual or not, this prayer is the prayer for the intellectual you are.  We all have gifts and skills, though often times we are our own worst enemy.

I am also using the skill of diversion.  It is powerful.  From the trauma and hopelessness of this feeling this morning, I first switched from emotion to intellect, and now I am going to WRITE myself out of this bottomless pit I seem to be falling into.

One hundred percent of the time we have the power to choose our response to life.  What many people don’t know is that we also have the power to change our own lives through “right thinking.”

Right thinking excludes these thoughts: impossible, desperate, hysterical, hopeless, and all those words that seem to be cramming into the brain leading us to STUPID decisions.  I am not brilliant, but I am not stupid either.

Right thinking includes these thoughts:  onward and upward, hope, anything is possible and many more.  Think of a few yourselves.

I remember as a child going to a place called the Pike.  It was filled with rides and games.  I loved riding the merry go round and trying to catch the golden ring as it spun to music.  I knew I could catch it, and eventually I did.

I also remember going on a ride that was shaped like a circle.  Everyone stood around the circle brimming with anticipation of what was going to happen.  The circle began to spin and the faster it went the more I liked it.  Then suddenly the floor began to drop and everyone’s eyes got bigger.  Some were afraid of falling.  The floor dropped about twenty feet and we kept spinning fast.  We were held to the sides by centrifugal force.  Definiion from Wikipedia: In Newtonian mechanics, the term centrifugal force is used to refer to an inertial force (also called a “fictitious” force) that appears to act on all objects when viewed in a rotating reference frame, drawing them away form the axis.

The floor began to rise.  When our feet touched the spinning slowed and finally came to a stop.  I was pumped, to say the least.

It was the bottomless pit, but I held on and knew I wouldn’t fall any further.  I’m holding on now because it is the best choice.  I remember mama saying “This too shall pass.”


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When overwhelmed…

You have to do two things immediately. If you don’t think these are important, you are mistaken! IF YOU truly want to manage stress and emergencies, do these:
1. Take a deep breath and exhale. Take three or four slow and mindful inhalations.. Exhale and in your intellect visualize stress itself leaving your body with the exhalation.
2. USE YOUR INTELLECT. We NEVER have charge over what happens in our lives, but we ALWAYS have the choice of our response! When you breathe it will give you the opportunity to make a transition from your “emotional” response, to a thoughtful “intelligent” response.

I promise you if you EXERCISE these two steps until they become HABIT, your life will change. There are MANY reasons why these two steps work, but for today I will simply say you have to PRACTICE at anything you want to be good and come naturally.

If you do this, the two steps will become an internal empowerment for you; a secret weapon.  You will find your life improving simply because you DESIRED to practice and change your life.
It is all up to you.

God bless you. If you need more…..I have 257 posts on this website. They were written with the distinct messages that YOU CAN DO IT – and you can do it for yourself without costing you anything but your time and a wee bit of practice.

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Happy Easter

Whether you share my beliefs as a Christian, or not, it doesn’t hurt to take this day (and every day) to appreciate all the small blessings we take for granted.

When you truly look into someone’s eyes, and listen fully (not thinking of what you will say next) you will reap blessings beyond what you expect.

Take a mindful breath and know someone who doesn’t even know you, really cares for your heart and mind! God bless.

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