Here is a “beauty” trick to keep you feeling less stress, and “looking good.”

This is one of those tips that blossoms from years of life experience. The tip may apply to men as well as women – however, I KNOW women will absolutely profit from it IF they can have the self-control to do so!

NEVER – and I absolutely mean NEVER – buy a mirror with a 5x’ or 10x’s magnification!

I confess, I thought I was buying the 10x magnification because it would be easier to put on my eye makeup more efficiently.  That is not what transpires, no matter how many times I innocently pick the mirror up.

It is another of satan’s tools – like weight scales, and full-length mirrors, and out of control alcohol use or (as my hubby calls it, “devil juice).  We do not need it!

I can tell you exactly what will transpire after this too expensive purchase!  You will go home and think you are using it to perfect makeup!  But slowly, if not immediately you will literally begin to pick your face apart!

“I have zits.”  “My skin is beginning to wrinkle.”  “The tone of my skin is blotchy.”

“My bags are too big under my eyes”. “My face is too round, or square, or whatever.”

Get it?  Listen to mama!  YOU are YOU!  A one and only!  You can put your makeup on just fine with a regular mirror.  Even if your eyes are not focusing as good as they once did, remember, that happens to about 90% of humans.

I do love it that my husband’s eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.  I am not being mean. He doesn’t notice ANY of the “flaws” I mentioned above!  He doesn’t notice if I haven’t dusted, or the house isn’t perfectly clean!

Don’t be critical of yourself.  HAVE FUN!  BE CONFIDENT (not conceited).

A happy, confident person is sexier too, in case you didn’t know that!


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Testosterone – Men’s Health

Debunk the myth : You need extra “T” to be a real man!

How do corporations build a ton of customers to increase sales and make billions of dollars?

Easy.  They hit the media hard and tell us WE MUST HAVE (whatever the product is) to have a full and complete life.

It makes me want to puke!  We (as their consumers) – buy whatever it is we are told – regardless of the validity of it, and/or the long term effects.

Case in point – “Low Testosterone”. (I am not negating the millions of products women buy to stay “young and vibrant and, of course, beautiful!).  This is just a post that is pertaining to mens health and well-being.

Those two words, low testosterone,  put the fear of failure into a man’s heart.  We have been told that if a man has low testesterone he will no longer be as sexual, as strong, as attractive – not quite the man he NEEDS to be.   Malarkey!  BS.  Bolony!

Millions of men have purchased prescriptions to raise testostrone levels, at an astounding cost – and of course, only to be successful if they continue to take the prescriptions for the rest of their lives!  This isn’t even a discourse on Viagara and it’s potential deadly partners that insure great success “as a man”.  We need to get a bit of education regarding this, and it is important.

The truth is every man will see a drop of one percent in testosterone a year; those will diabetes may see a bigger drop.  This is natural as men age.

“T” therapy was originally created for men whose bodies cannot create enough due to injury of the testicles, cancer, or genetic defects.  Indeed, for some men this is appropriate.

However, did you know when you take additional testosterone, your body will shut down the natural production of it. That means your testicles could shrink, and you may be forced to continue long-term supplements indefinitely.  Which CAN also cause catastrophic health issues.

Last year in the Journal of American Medicine reported a thirty percent jump in the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death for men undergoing testosterone therapy   That is no small percentage!  Some studies indicate the risk of heart attack and stroke actually doubles!

Here is a piece of information advertisers will not share.  Without a prescription, men who loose approximately fifteen-seventeen pounds, become a bit more active (exercise can be fun!), and improve their diets can increase their testosterone levels about fifteen percent.  Naturally that means a happier man, with a better libido, more muscle, and a better energy level.   Actually there was a study to confirm this information, and as a former personal trainer and health consultant – I have seen incredible changes in men through just doing these things, and with no prescriptions for anything – just dedication!

It’s your body, the only place you have to live.  It’s your life – take time to adjust to a better one.  Be selfish in the way you insist on JUST A BIT of time to be healthier.  Most men ignore these things until the first heart attack!  All humans need rest and regeneration so they are able to live optimally healthy and happy lives.  You will be better for everyone else too!  That isn’t selfish; that is just common sense.

Just to clear the table on another subject – and this is blunt – a great lover is a “generous” one.  This means one who is considerate of the other and earnestly keys his or her imagination to please his or her partner.

Here is another myth.  Men have been taught (by some idiot) that the only thing that matters in the satisfaction of another is the length of the tool.  This is a false precept.  This, a man, does not make!

How you use the tool and the ability to use self-control, and being a generous love (you must know what I mean), is the most valuable access to a fully happy partner; thus a happier you!

In the end, we all change as we age.  Of course there are things we wish did not happen.  The best advice is “Get over it.  It is what it is!  There are advantages to ALL ages if we just pay attention.”

An awesome relationship should NOT be simply a great sexual relationship.  Of course that chemistry is wonderful, but TRUE love is much more than that!

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The Best Stress Management Technique EVER!

This is TRUE stress management!whoops I opened the refrigerator to move a watermelon – so I could get the pan to bake my husband a birthday cake.  Don’t forget I have a broken wrist.

Whoops!  Almost dropped the watermelon. Because of my “still healing from the back surgeries” weakness and awkwardness – I hit the side of the refrigerator, trying to manage the watermelon – and the shelf hit the floor.

Something landed on my right big toe (the one that has hurt so bad the last few days), but it didn’t cut it.  I switched pans, put the watermelon back and looked at the floor.

Oh, when I was moving the melon to the stove top to set down I also hit the water faucet on the refrigerator, and the flow of cold water and a few pieces of ice hit the floor too – like a little spring.

I just stood there laughing!   WHY NOT? whoops 1

“At least” I thought, “two olives are still good….and only my toe hurts!

NO!  I threw the olives out!  Thank heavens it wasn’t my new jar of garlic stuffed olives.

So there it is.  EASY STRESS MANAGEMENT!  Stop taking everything so seriously.

LAUGH MORE.  LAUGH MORE AND MORE.  GET SILLY.  HAVE FUN.For all the plans we make for the day – we really don’t know what is going to happen in the next two minutes.

I VOTE FOR LAUGHTER AND FUN.  CREATE YOUR DAY, DON’T LET THE DAY TAKE CHARGE OF YOU! God bless you all.  (Now I have to go clean up the mess and bake a cake!)

Take a quick look at for another great stress management technique!

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Step on a scale! (Really DON”T, for anyone except God.)  Satan created scales so you would feel good and then BAM – suddenly you feel FAT!  No two scales are alike.  Man or woman your weight will fluctuate daily.  Weigh once a month if you must.  If you are trying to loose weight just watch how your clothes fit you – that will tell you better than a scale!

Listen to other people.  We all have opinions and as the saying goes…well, I will modify, most of them stink!  Many folks are actually trying to help, but unless you know them and trust them totally, don’t listen!  Some people pipe up because THEY are insecure!

Say everything using a negative slant!  That will help destroy you. The truth is,  you are not ugly.  You are not worthless.  YOU ARE YOU, and God made us all individual for a reason.  We all have our gifts, and we all have our lessons to learn.  Look at your  heart.  If you are happy with your heart then it will be seen by others on a visible level. You are beautiful. Smile.

Make all your important decisions when you are emotionally feeling unstable.  No-no-no!  That is the worst time to make major decisions. Take a breath and settle down.  Let your emotions meld with your intellect and then switch to the intellect to  use good judgment before making a move.

Drink alcohol to “take the edge off”.  Ha ha ha ha.  No matter how much we like that glass of wine or drink before dinner – alcohol will NOT really help.  Here is the truth about alcohol.  It is very addictive and if one helps, the temptation to have another is close by.  The problem is where is the cut-off line from relaxed to drunk.  Getting drunk doesn’t help anything.  People think “you tell the truth when you are drinking” – LIE.  Another of Satan’s tools.  You loose your TRUE Spirit and self.  You dehydrate your body, and for women (the real horror) – alcohol RETAINS THE FAT in your body.  Absolute truth!

That is it.  If you truly want to trash yourself, step on a scale with a drink in your hand, listening to somebody else’s advice, and then be hateful towards yourself, as you make a major decision while you are emotionally unstable.  That should do it!

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If Something Makes You Smile….

Without drinking, smoking, taking pills, or crossing YOUR own line of demarcation, then you are smiling at something that helps manage your stress!  Look for those things.

No one can manage you’re stress – REALLY – except YOU!

I opened the drapes this morning and a happy face was staring at me!  I smiled because it wasn’t there yesterday.  Can you find it?

first happy face

Happiness is where YOU FIND IT!  Make it happen! (If you can’t find it this is a closeup!)

2nd happy JPGCREATE your joy by “seeing” and “knowing”you deserve happiness to come your way!

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Are you Overwhelmed?

I awoke this morning and my feet and ankles were so stiff and curled, I could hardly force them to move.  My legs are much the same and it is a chore simply to lift them out of the bed.

The toes and feet are very pink, almost purple, and it takes a few minutes to amble down the hallway to grab a cup of coffee and make my way back to bed for the heating pad on my neck and back.

I remember jumping out of bed a year ago, smiling and skipping (yes skipping) down the hall to retrieve coffee for me and my husband on a Saturday morning.  I was so happy to be bouncing off the walls, and felt like I could conquer the world.  Now I have to conquer my body each morning just to get moving.

It is a constant challenge – the most consistent and biggest challenges of a lifetime, just to make it through a day.  I am trying to apply all that I have taught, and all that I know to be true, to keep from letting stress and depression ruin my life, and the lives of my family.

No one knows the extent of the injuries that are invisible, that is, except God.  I am so grateful that I remembered that it says when I am at my weakest point; I can lean on God, because He is at His strongest.

So I pick myself up and take a breath and keep on moving.  If I can share techniques that I believe in, on this website, then I can apply them to my own life – I keep reminding myself of that, and I think between the power of God from within me, and my applying all that I teach – I am moving onward and upward – even if ever so slowly!  Perhaps I will indeed create new brain cell impressions.

As I sit here with the laptop (it is so difficult to sit at the desk for very long because of the pain in my back) – so I curl up and have heat on my neck and my back.  When I finish with this post I will do my exercises to work on loosening and strengthening my back and legs and feet.

So if you are TRULY interested in managing stress, I have posted over two hundred posts on this website to try to legitimately help, and without cost to you – (unless you care to donate).  My profession is writing, and I will be publishing books that have been in the process for years; all with a positive ring and intention of sharing a lifetime of experience, lessons, and my love for the outdoors and nature.

By the way, almost forgot.  My left ankle gave out about eight days ago-I fell and broke my left wrist,  and I am left-handed!  Three days ago I had to have surgery on it and a plate and screws to put in to hold it together.  I only have to wear a cast now for two weeks longer.

Just when you think you are overwhelmed by life, life throws another hard ball and smacks you right in the face!  Guess what?  You can handle more than you thought!  I can too.  Do I have a choice?  Yes.  I could be miserable, but no way! I choose healing and happiness.

My first task today is to be grateful for obvious gifts.  Being grateful brings healing to a mind and spirit.

I am grateful to be alive, for the sounds of life – the train in the distance and the barking of the neighbor’s dog, for the big dog that has been right by my side each day, for a husband and a family who still love me and don’t really dwell on my disabilities now,for the mocking bird that sings so many songs to me every morning, for the fact the heat wave is over for the time being, for the ability to be able to use this website to share and to release, and for all the blessings we take for granted every day.

If you haven’t a friend, or a shrink, or anyone in the world, remember there really is a Supreme Being (how do I know – I just do without question), you have a friend on this website, and are free to comment to release your feelings, and you also can start a blog and let your feelings air.  Sometimes that is healing.  If you write, then read it back to yourself and clarity will come.

In the meantime, CREATE the best day for yourself you are able.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you have the CHOICE.



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Three simple truths to managing stress

1. Divert your own attention to something besides the thought of your own stress.You cannot think of two things at once (REALLY)- When an elderly friend of mine told me that, I thought he was nuts, but it is the truth. If you are busy “doing” something other than focusing on how stressed out you are, it will mellow your own demeanor.
2. The same principle applies to modifying stress as it does modifying your eating habits. Before you slam something into your mouth, take a breath, count to ten and then decide if you REALLY want to eat that temptation. What do you REALLY want?
In applying this to stress, same thing. Take a breath and slowly count to ten (to yourself of course), then if you think your scenario still is pressing enough to scream and fight (or punch someone-whatever) do it! If the CONSEQUENCES in in either case, defeat your own needs, and perhaps make things take a turn for the worse – take the time to think and act in an intelligent manner. Do not let life take you down a road not of your own choosing.
3; You may not think you have a few minutes every once in a while to slow down, breathe, and stretch – but you do! People who are not wise enough to make the time burn out quickly and make, often times, stupid mistakes! A “mini-rest” will regenerate you and also give you time to CHOOSE your response to any stress that is placed before you.
Those are three invaluable aids to managing your own stress. You will also teach those around you valuable techniques that will enhance the quality of all those in your circle of life.
They are simple techniques, but as simple as they seem…..unless you GET IN THE HABIT of using them, they will not work. Use your intellect. When your emotions run wild switch over to intellect. It is as simple as that! It is YOUR CHOICE, one hundred percent of the time.
CREATE a great life – moment by moment. Be happy!

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