Bada bing, bada boom!

When you wake up and pain from an injury makes you think the day is already destined to be bad -  as they used to say on Sopranos, “Boda bing, boda boom – FORGET IT!”
If you are forced to take pain medication, remember if it’s strong to eat something too.  Also when you begin to feel tired or nauseated, take a breath and get a ginger ale.  Since my surgeries I do take pain meds – but I take THEM – they do not take me.  I like my brains and energy.  I don’t LIKE the feeling.  I use meds to “manage pain”, but I monitor them carefully…I cannot believe people buy pain meds to get high!  If I never had to use another one again it would be a hallejuh!
Whatever you pay attention to will be multiplied in power, and will be the primary thing in your life.  Be careful.  These are not words that are just words.  I know from personal experience if you dwell on ANYTHING it will transform into a power that leads you down a path.
When you “think” I am depressed – you will be depressed.  If you keep thinking in that direction it will get worse.  I am serious.  I know it takes practice to change your thoughts, but come on, if you are SICK of being sick, or in pain, or miserable – do something about it!  YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
I believe in prayer, however, if YOU refuse to try to change, you will loose in the short, or long run.  Take a breath.  DIVERT YOUR OWN ATTENTION away from the problem, and tackle another challenge or do something you can do for fun.  Hug someone or teach a child something.
Guess what?  Your pain will “be managed” more effectively.  If you sit and think about how bad it is – well, you KNOW within what will happen.  If you get off your tush and take the reins – you can CREATE a great day. That’s all I’m saying.  YOU have all the power to do whatever you want.  Remember, no great athlete or musician got to the point of greatness without PRACTICE!
I believe I just talked myself into not paying so much attention to this pain I thought was going to overwhelm my day.
“Boda bing, boda boom” time to be in charge of my life and have a GREAT DAY.  I surely hope you do the same.  (By the way, I know prayer works, but you have free will to accept the healing and enhance your life – or deny the healing offered. ) It’s up to you baby!  Choose carefully. Accept the blessings offered………be grateful.
Love to you from me-a fellow human that really cares!  I’ve been at the bottom of the barrel too.  No more!

kissing fish cloudsA blue, blue sky, and clouds that look like kissing fish!  I’m smiling!

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Thomas Edison handling stress

This is a wonderful true story I want to share with everyone who enjoys this blog. If you’ve read me before you know I broke my back two years ago, had to have surgeries, and now have some serious permanent disabilities.

I was a fitness trainer, a dancer, and taught stress management and relaxation (thank God). My life was perfect. Now I am working every day creating my new life, and when I read these paragraphs from a deliciously spiritual book, God in You, by Dr. David Jeremiah, I just had to share.

I have such respect for Thomas Edison today..

“It was December of 1914 when Thomas Edison’s great laboratories in West Orange, New Jersey, were almost entirely destroyed by fire. In one night Edison lost 2 million dollars worth of equipment and the record of much of his life’s work. Edison’s son, Charles, ran frantically about trying to find his father and finally came upon him standing near the fire, his face ruddy in the glow, and his white hair blown by the winter winds.”

“ My heart ached for him.” Charles Edison said. “He was no longer young, and everything was being destroyed. He then spotted me. And he said to me, “Where is your mother? Find her. Bring her here. She will never see anything like this again as long as she lives!”

The next morning, walking about the charred embers of so many of his hopes and dreams, the sixty-seven-year old Edison mused, “There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God! We can start all over again.”

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This is a true story.  I had meant to post it long ago, but think I never did (at least I couldn’t find it in the posts I looked through).  It is important for us all to be prepared for any situation.  Particularly women.  Even if a man is scrawny he usually will be stronger than a female as that is the way humans are built.

Donna had someone bang on her door at 2AM.  She peeked out and she didn’t know him.

She said go away I am calling the police.  As she was talking (she keeps her cell phone fully charged and with her all the time as she is 65 and a widow) she did all the police and told them about the intruder.  They said they would come. She stayed on the phone and was able to put her ear buds in and phone in pocket as she got the gun from her dresser next to her bed.

She stayed on the phone the ENTIRE time all this was going on, and that is what ultimately saved her from jail.  The dispatcher could hear everything.  Of course gun was already loaded.  She heard him bang at the door again and as she walked to the hallway near the door, she took two shots to scare him. No intention of killing.

He did run for a moment.  All the while the dispatcher is listening.  A moment later she saw him running towards the window to dive in.  The dispatcher said the police are almost there.  Don’t shoot. She told the dispatcher he was coming in…

She aimed directly at the middle of his chest (while he was mid-air) and he dropped.

The dispatcher heard everything.  The police were actually outside, but they would have been just a tad late had she waited.

She used both hands to steady the gun and did not look at his face.  She had killed him.

The police told her later he would have molested her, hurt her or killed her had she not taken the first move.  He had just been released from prison 24 before.

The reason she DID NOT go to jail, even though he was OUTSIDE the house, is because she kept the dispatcher on the phone the entire time.  They knew she had to protect herself.

The sad part is she was the only one there to protect herself.  SHE HAD TO BE A WARRIOR that morning.  There was no choice.

I did take a shot at someone who had assaulted (a different time) but was coming at me again.  My mentality was to scare him.  He was outside my room.  It actually scared him and he left.  Donna had no choice.

There is much more to the story, but the important thing was that she kept the dispatcher on the phone to hear everything – that saved her!

I am a peaceful person, but after being beat up and threatened, I decided never again to be the victim.  I have a stun gun within a seconds reach, a 38 somewhere (I know)-if you have children you have to be extremely careful with your weapon and where you keep it – I walked through my home and looked at every stick of furniture and everything in sight.  I have picked at least a couple of things in each room that could be a weapon if needed.

I also have a trained dog that would never let anyone abuse me.   Also a wonderful husband, but he isn’t available all the time.

I do not live in fear.  I am peaceful and I say my prayers regularly.  However, I am ready for ANY circumstance.  I also took a self-defense class. Sometimes an attitude of NOT BEING FEARFUL can waylay a potential attack-but not always.

I am 5’2’’ and weight 130 pounds, but I am ready I would fight to the death if need be. God has warriors.  I am peaceful but not fearful.

Anyone who thinks they should succumb to an attacker is potentially killing himself or herself.

Everyone I have spoken with – my teacher, my gun class instructor, and quite a few officers, tell me if you give in you have already given yourself a potential death sentence.

How is this stress management?  Disaster preparation is part of what can keep you calm and let you live your life only in a defensive stance  – not  in a fearful one!


By the way, I am a person who believes we all have the right to have a gun IF WE KNOW HOW TO USE IT and IF WE CAN KEEP OUR COOL AND ONLY USE IT IN A MATTER OF A LIFE THREATENING SCENARIOS!  But I believe you probably already knew that from this post.

BE SAFE.  If listening to music leave it low enough, or one ear bud out – don’t be caught offguard.  Lock your doors – home and car.  Keys can even be a weapon.  Don’t live in fear.Just be prepared.



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One of the biggest mistakes women make with men.

I am not in judgment of anyone.  I am a human soul, a woman who is working her way through life, learning through many mistakes, and knowing now, most of my pain throughout my life was self-induced!  Yes self-induced.

I do not speak for all women, but for years I taught fitness and dance to mostly women.  I counseled too many women over the years to count!  I loved it.  What a learning experience it was for me too.  Women channel to other women.

If you have had trouble with a relationship (a man specifically), it could originate from the fact we women are healers.  We see someone who needs to change or needs help, and we immediately begin to nurture and try to heal them.

Think about this.  If you look at a penny, no matter how much you would like to change that penny into a dollar, it will always be a penny.  Now think of men.

If you came into a relationship and began trying to change your partner you are trying do something that is nearly impossible.

The men I am particularly concerned about are the physical and emotional abusers.  I experienced both – numerous times – and I believe without knowing it, I put myself into the position to be abused.

If you fell into a relationship before really knowing someone, and we have all done it, you may have accidentally put yourself in harms way.

If you are in a relationship NOW, and even if you share children, you need to protect yourself (and your children).

I know how hard it is to “walk away”.  I also know my children were privy to much more than they should have seen.  My lessons did affect my children.  I thank God they forgave me and grew to be fine adults.

If you are in an abusive relationship begin today to think about changing your life.  Too many women have wound up dead by being complacent or just saying, “I can’t – what about the children?”

If it is physical abuse you are enduring,  YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN ESCAPE PLAN AND STICK BY IT.  I justified some physical abuse because I was told it was an accident. Liar.  Abuse is abuse and if we aren’t in denial we innately know it.

If it is emotional abuse, MAKE AN ESCAPE PLAN.  Truth be told is that emotional abuse is worse than most physical abuse.  The scars stay in a woman’s heart for decades.

It has been over 40 years since it all happened to me, and I still have nightmares.  Don’t be a fool.  Don’t subject your children to the same thing because eventually the abuse will reach them….

There are MANY resources on line to help you survive successfully.  Family will help or local churches often have counselors. ASK for help.  There is no shame in making a mistake!  There is shame in not changing it before it’s too late. I had to sell most of what were precious things to me to escape, but they were just material things.

If you are divorced and are “sharing children”, DO NOT BE FOOLED by the same person who was so abusive to you.  No matter how nice he is, keep on your guard.

Regarding your children, until they are old enough (and big enough)  to fend for themselves, you must be the warrior.  Make sure visits are monitored. If you do not think an x will abuse children you are 100% wrong.  It will happen at some point.

I didn’t intend to write this post when I started out, but sometimes my fingers just fly on the keys; perhaps God is directing me.

PLEASE.  You have one life.  Your children are precious and so are you.

Think of the penny.  God bless you.





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Life is like excavating…..

I just spent 10 minutes of my life reading how two people on line, who have never met, have differences of opinions.  They were fighting.  Now if that isn’t the silliest waste of time FOR ME – I will never get those 10 minutes back!

If I wanted to fight I would want to do it in person and just punch someone – with a backhand.  (Did I just say that?)

Back to excavating….

You have to dig and dig until you find what you want.  Better yet, pray and work towards the good that God wants for you!

Don’t settle.

Don’t dilute yourself with “justification” for what you do. That’s simply a lie.

Don’t be angry and unforgiving – it just takes a toll on you physically and mentally.

Don’t think of problems as such. Make them “challenges”.

Do show kindness to someone today.

Do remember we only have this very moment – live it fully.

Do remember happiness is a choice.

Do MOVE your body and feed it nutrition – it is the only place you have to live.

If you push away the negativity it will diminish.

If you get in the habit of positive thoughts and actions it will pull positive things toward you.

If you think no one really cares – think again! I do.

Do CREATE a wonderful day

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Just because some water is “in danger of being bad” – not all water is bad!


I know it sounds maybe silly, or might be something you don’t think you need to be reminded about, however – YOU DO!  SO DO I, and I know what happens if you don’t drink enough water, especially on hot days.

Aside from the fact we are about 80% water, and we will DIE without it in days, we just get “too busy” to think about drinking water!  Or it’s not tasty enough…or available easily. These are all what I call LAME excuses, and I have used a couple of them myself.

It is your life.  What difference does it make if you manage your stress and still don’t pay attention to your water intake?  Let me explain a few simple (and for many relevant) things that happen when you are dehydrated.

A lack of water puts pressure on and shrinks the brain.  Tasks will take longer to finish effectively.  Your metabolism slows down, and for anyone who wants to burn calories, this is not a good result.

If in the sun you can have sun-stroke or heat stroke.  These are serious results and can be life-changing and even deadly! (Look these up sometime)

You can become disoriented and dizzy.  Not good if watching a child or driving.   You might suffer (self-induced) heart attack, urinary tract cancer, or kidney stones – a very painful problem.

You WILL look older. Water hydrates the skin.  Without enough the skin becomes wrinkled and will loose it’s tone and delicate feel.  I don’t think men care about that too much, but it is a problem for both genders as most people don’t want to look or get old.

This is just a tiny bit of what can happen to you if you DEPLETE YOU of enough water.  Now a few things that may help.

Don’t be RIGID about water increase.  Take it slowly if need be.  ANY extra water is a plus for you.  Be selfish about your health and well-being.

I used to “trick myself” – I would put water in a beautiful crystal wine glass and add a dash of fresh lemon, along with a small piece in the glass.  (Rinse your lemons.  No telling how much they have been handled.)  I never had a hangover or got wasted with that “drink”.

Try ice, water, a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne.  For a while I just set four 16 ounce bottles of water around the house and I drank them all day until I had them empty and lined up on the sink.  I made a goal for myself.  I rewarded myself too, but I love candy and if I kept that up I would have no teeth and weigh 800 pounds!

Sometimes I just got a glass, filled it and drank it down while remembering WHY I was drinking it.  You just have to get in the habit of taking care of this if you want to save yourself lots of trouble down the road.  The problems may not manifest immediately, but they will eventually!

I don’t want you to do all the things you may do for fitness, stress management, to educate yourself, or begin a beautiful relationship with hopes for the future, and SELF-INFLICT potentially deadly damage to yourself just because, as a friend used to say to me – “I don’t like water.  It is tasteless.’

Do you like looking good, feeling good, being full of energy, and managing your life in a wonderful and positive rhythm?  Well then, if this is not worth your energy to get in the habit of “watering yourself” you are not as intelligent and motivated as I think you are!  Get on it!

That’s all because I have made myself extremely thirsty and need a drink of water – whoops – I have a cold bottle of water sitting right next to me!  Good on me.  Good on you too, now stop and get a drink of the nectar of God.
Please don’t forget to train your children to love water!  Water is gold these days.  Another important fact:  if you don’t drink enough water your organs will start stealing from each other.  If you don’t drink enough water your COLON and WASTE system will NOT work right!

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Are you overwhelmed or burned out?

Did you ever have one of those days when you would like to throw your arms into the air and say, “I can’t do it.  I can’t go any further.  I can’t handle it.”
I am sure you have.  All human beings have to go through some hell here on earth.  It’s part of the gig.  I am trying to recall how many times over a lifetime I thought or said those same things….too many to remember.
Guess what?  Here is the stress management magic to deal with those feelings.
GET OVER IT!  I say that with love and a smile, but I mean it. The biggest boost I can share about the magic of managing your own stress is that you simply DROP the negative and turn yourself around.  Even if you don’t believe it at the moment.
Words create our lives, and believe me, since my life-changing and permanent injuries, I have had to work on convincing myself I CAN DO.  I CAN HANDLE IT.  I WILL GO AS FAR AS IT TAKES TO TRY TO GET BETTER.
The trick is that our brains are much smarter than we know, and we can do amazing things if we just keep trying.  When you think in positive terms, you CREATE brain cell impressions that will eventually become habit.  When thinking positive thoughts becomes a habit, you will say more positive and healing things.  Even when you speak, as you speak, your brain is paying attention to your words…thoughts and words become your lives.
You may not get everything you want in life, but I guarantee you will begin to draw happiness and good things to you like a magnet.  People will draw to your powerful ability to stay focused and endure and be happy, as you use your intellect to change the things you can!
If it sounds too simple, it is.  But this you have to know for sure:  ONLY YOU have the ability to change your life.  Nothing has power over you except you!  Fear and insecurity are emotions that sometimes overpower our intellect..if you feel these things happening, just take a breath and switch from damaging thoughts and emotions to your intellect.  You can do it.
It is your choice one hundred percent of the time! I have to work at it constantly, but I keep thinking, and feeling in my heart, “I will endure and succeed.  It may not be today, but it will happen!” Please know these thoughts come from someone who has seen miracles with people over the years who opt to change their own life.  Know that I am someone who has to work at keeping those thoughts to keep on the right track.
Now CREATE a beautiful day, moment by moment, for you and those in the circle of your life.  You are worth it, and so are they!
If you have a mind to pray, do so.  It is a powerful tool that has been given to us to use. If you don’t believe, give it a shot anyway – it cannot do any harm, and it will start you on a path of a finer life!  Keep your goals to yourself, but live them. It will get easier.  And if, perchance, you can help someone along the way or just be kind – do so.   Acts of kindness and selflessness will be positive work, and joy will come back to you in a ways you never will expect.
I promise; and it’s all FREE for the taking!  Stop and smell the roses once in a while.  Life can still be awesome.  If you see one this color make it a point to stop – it is wonderful!Coral rose

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