THEN READ ON MY FRIENDS! I have specialized in this work for over twenty years,  but I I STILL HAVE STRESS to contend with quite FREQUENTLY!

Don’t misunderstand this statement. Stress will be your partner all your life.  But the good news is that if you “practice stress management”, it will not destroy you physically and emotionally.

Stress need not be debilitating.  I only allow it to encompass my being for minutes.  I use the empowerment of breathing as my immediate secret weapon. Next I make (and in the beginning it took practice) my mind switch from emotion to intellect, during which time I take a breath again. This very moment is the perfect one to do it. You might as well too! J Be selfish and take two deep breaths and deep exhalations too.’

Release all the troubles and draw in positive expectations.  It you habitually do this, I mean throughout the day wherever you are, you will begin to feel better almost immediately.

It would be instinctive to tell a friend who was drowning in stress, “Relax.  It will be okay.  Take a breath.  Slow down.”

Think about it. J We have natural gifts that can really help us manage any stress. They are offered to us all, for free.  Now pretend you are your friend and love yourself that much!

Your performance in any task requires a confident and relaxed state of mind.  It is attainable, but ONLY if you challenge yourself to find out if what I say is true or not.

I guarantee it is!

Simply the diversion from the stress to thinking about and performing the simplest of breathing exercises will really help!

Some stress is positive, such as wedding preparations, the birth of a child, or graduation.

Some stress can be absolutely disheartening.  A death in the family, divorce, financial disaster, or fighting with someone you love.  All of these require a dedicated and habitual offering to your brain to exercise thoughts, your breath, and then your actions will be responding intelligently, and not just reacting.

Here’s a thought to ponder.  Every single individual in the world wakes up with challenges and not knowing what life will bring from moment to moment.

We think we’d like to know the future, and make plans for what to do in our lives.  But here’s the thing: the only for sure plan you can make for your life is to be flexible and be prepared to be surprised.

Dedicate a few minutes during your workday each hour to

breathing and clear the negative away.  When stuck in traffic think about something lovely and take a breath. When you do mindful breathing you are relaxing and regenerating simultaneously – and if you don’t think that is true – you don’t know the workings of the body you are living in.  It will work (even if it feels like it isn’t at first).

If you are honorable to your goal of seeking stress management this simple practice is the first step to that goal.  Remember also to make the journey a happy challenge and use your moments well.   Time is fleeting.

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