STRESS and Our Incredible BRAIN

“Not only can the brain learn new tricks, but it can also change its structure and function-even in old age.” Sharon Begley (January 2007 Time Magazine).

Scientists are proving that “the ability of mere thought to alter the physical structure and function of our gray matter” is NOT just an idea posed by those who participate in visualizations and meditations.

Mental practice resulted (as seen in a series of tests) in the reorganization of the brain. The scientists also discovered that mental training had the power to change the physical structure of the brain. How cool is that!

Now we know that scientists concur with those of us who participate in mind training for stress management, such as visualizations and meditations, to be used to enhance our lives and reduce our stress level to one that is manageable and not damaging to the body.

At all ages the brain retains the ability to change its structure and function in response to thought and / or experience.

“As you think, so shall you become”, an old proverb, seems more meaningful than some previously realized. We have such great, and unrecognized powers, to help ourselves heal the mind and body.  We can mentally rehearse upcoming events, and actually change our lives through our thoughts.

When you begin to feel that the stress level is unbearable, begin management by exercising your mind. Use your intake of oxygen to enhance your thoughts and help the process.

An example of “thinking” to help manage stress might go something like this:

“Because I care about myself, I choose to eliminate negative thoughts and expectations from my mind. I monitor my words and actions carefully, make sure that what I say and do is positive and caring.”

“I will work with a better attitude, knowing I can achieve much more if I am less worried.  I will take a breath when I feel overwhelmed, and begin to review my thoughts.”

“I will read literature and books that enhance my life and enrich my mind. I will think myself healthier and my brain will help it happen.”

You have much more ability and resources from within to help manage stress than imaginable.  The crux of this is YOU must begin by using your intellect.  Be patient and expect miracles!

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