A Word Person

I am a word person. I write, but also I listen to every word that is spoken to me. I take them all to heart. I realize now that earlier in my life I often spoke before I thought deeply about my words.

Words can stab like a sword. Abusive words remain in your thoughts, even if subconscious, to sting you again and again.

Try today to think before you spontaneously blurt out any words. If need be, and this will help your day anyway, take a breath. Breathing calms you and empowers you because you have time to use your intellect instead of your emotions!

Just for today try to speak words that are positive; even benign words will be better than words of hatred and anger….these words only inflame YOUR fire. They resolve little.

Challenge yourself for just one day and “feel” the difference from within yourself! Your thoughtful words can change YOUR day – as well as the day of others.

If you can find a kind word, be honest about something, and share it. We always hear the negative. Make a difference in your own sphere of living and perhaps, it will become a habit – a good one!

Create a brilliant day with your words!

About Marsha

Marsha J. O'Brien, after a twenty-five year career as a personal trainer and health consultant, decided over ten years ago to dedicate her time to writing and publishing, and photography. In addition to her career in the field of teaching sound health of mind, body, and spirit, she specialized in stress management and relaxation techniques. She has been a contributor for several magazines, was an instructor for community college, and produced thirteen one-hour television programs for access television. When asked what first drew her to prose, she said she loved being able to express her experience and soul on the projects she creates. She cited a former English teacher, Mrs. Sloane, as one of the major writing influences in her life: "She told me to keep writing, but my finest writing would come after I had experienced life". Marsha is passionate about her writing, and endeavors to include within much of it, life lessons, with positive outcomes and insights. This last year Marsha had a severe spinal cord injury, and is applying all the techniques she taught to her own healing. She hopes soon to be hiking with her husband and dog, and playing with her eight grandchildren. She credits prayer, and God with her progress. She continues to write, and to post on her websites, as often as time allows: stressmanagementmagic.com and marshajobrien.com. If you would like to contact Marsha email: mo@jett.net
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