Contagion and Overcoming Fear


I am returned from my fourteen-day adventures and now it’s been almost three days trying to catch up, unpacking and moving forward here at home!  Gosh, I was hoping someone would have washed my windows when I was away!  (Ha ha).


Did you know Hallelujah means “Praise God”?  I didn’t for years,

but now when I say it the word has so much more meaning for me.


This will be short as I have yet to clean or do some things that require immediate attention, but I just had a lovely experience and wanted to share.


I took my Rottie to the lake to swim as it’s in the low 90′s, and the asphalt is just too hot for her paws to exercise.  After she fetched a stick MANY times, we got in the car and I got on the road to drive home.


I saw a yard sale sign….I had little money and never intended to stop at a yard sale.  Happily, I have health, and love and everything I need to thrive.  Bless those who are less fortunate.  I really mean it too.  Would that I could, I would help…alas, and we can only do the best we can do.


I had a feeling. I drove up a little hill and stopped at a house where most of the items had been put in the garage because of the heat.  To make a long story short, the woman operating the yard sale was from Lebanon, and said she would be returning to take her mother for her dwindling years.  The mama was sitting in the back of the garage and I smiled and waved.


We chatted for a few, and  alked about how wonderful moms are, and how important it is to treat them as very important people – because they are!

I bought a small key chain and asked if I could hug her before I left.


She smiled and said yes, and I said “perhaps we’ll meet again in this lifetime – and if not this one – the next one.”  She looked so surprised and asked me if I believed in the afterlife.  I told her,

of course I do.


My dog was getting hot,  and though I left the car running with the air conditioning on, I knew it was time to go.  I paid her fifty cents and waved good-by.  As I was almost to the car she ran up to me and put a bracelet in my hand, clasping it, and said, “This is for you.”


I was so surprised.  It was lovely. I told her I would treasure it.  I will.  I have no idea why she did that, but can only believe she felt a true kinship with me, so unexpectedly.


What a lovely exchange of human caring and love.  It was spontaneous and real and one of those moments that make you recall again…..we are all human beings on planet earth, and we can and should LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


Have a beautiful day.  Hug someone.  It felt great!  More soon – love and blessings to you all.



About Marsha

Marsha J. O'Brien, after a twenty-five year career as a personal trainer and health consultant, decided over ten years ago to dedicate her time to writing and publishing, and photography. In addition to her career in the field of teaching sound health of mind, body, and spirit, she specialized in stress management and relaxation techniques. She has been a contributor for several magazines, was an instructor for community college, and produced thirteen one-hour television programs for access television. When asked what first drew her to prose, she said she loved being able to express her experience and soul on the projects she creates. She cited a former English teacher, Mrs. Sloane, as one of the major writing influences in her life: "She told me to keep writing, but my finest writing would come after I had experienced life". Marsha is passionate about her writing, and endeavors to include within much of it, life lessons, with positive outcomes and insights. This last year Marsha had a severe spinal cord injury, and is applying all the techniques she taught to her own healing. She hopes soon to be hiking with her husband and dog, and playing with her eight grandchildren. She credits prayer, and God with her progress. She continues to write, and to post on her websites, as often as time allows: and If you would like to contact Marsha email:
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