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  1. marsha, what a joy to meet you online. i have loved reading your posts, your thoughts, the light you clearly put into your writing. also, i am a huge fan of your son Vago, both my husband and I adore this fun-loving, kind-hearted son of yours. thank you for sharing your inspirational work with others. i believe that aiming towards a stress-free life is such a beautiful, powerful goal. thank you marsha. i look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you gabi! Such lovely and warm comments. I am so happy you know and adore my son – so do I! His heart is gold, and his spirit deep, and I am very proud of his courage in this life. I have had some
    major physical challenges the past few weeks, so my writing has been sparse. Wanted to wait until I had all the diagnosis and a plan of action.

    Today after I visit my physician, I will share the challenges I am facing, in hopes of encouraging others to remember how wonderful life
    is, and that we are able to face any challenge with a smile (eventually!) Thanks again gabi…..Many blessings to you and those in the sweet circle of your life.

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