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Change Your Life – Today is the Day

Really?  YES – adamantly, YES!  You have to start sometime.  Why not right now?  My best friend’s mother (who was younger than me), had a stroke, and died within the week.  It can happen.  It does happen.

I am definitely not a doom and gloom person, but the only time we have is this moment, and the only one who can change your life is YOU!  Whatever the change you want is that you want to do -  to loose weight, move, look for a new job, break up with someone, or just to call a friend to visit….there is no better time than the present.

Small increments.  Just begin.  Take a breath and consider, this may be the very best time, the only time, you are allotted to do something you’ve been putting off “until time permits”.  There is no guarantee time will permit anything, so prioritize quickly and get started.

Consider what is the most important in your life – hug your child?  or finish vacuuming the living room?  Everything will get done in it’s own time – or not!

Don’t make the mistake of NOT doing or saying something that should be done or said.  Begin that weight loss right now by drinking a big glass of iced water.  It fills you up and actually burns more calories than lukewarm water!

Call someone out of the clear blue just to say, “I love you”.  If you are busy, just say, “Can’t talk, just wanted you to know!”

I’ve been applying the principle of DO IT NOW, and I have to tell you, it works like magic, and makes you feel better almost immediately.  Do something, and then give yourself a big hug!

God bless.