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Got no clue of where to go from here? Then just read this short post for fun

If you cannot do what you used to do – do what you can.

A good cry washes the eyes and lets loose of sorrow withheld, to begin anew.

If you want to see trust – look in the eyes of your dog.

You cannot heal if you refuse to think you will.

Never listen to words from a man with a heart of stone.

Remember God, and He will remember you.

Stop long enough to say hello to the person standing next to you in line.  You may see an unexpected smile.

A sincere “thank you” is a gift worth more than gold to the receiver.

Did you see the full moon?  Why not?  How many do you have left in your lifetime?

A good memory needs reviewing on occasion..  A bad one should be dismissed – if the lesson was learned.

Begin to see the series of things that happen in your life not as burdens, but as challenges.

For every kind word you speak to an elderly person, your heart enlarges, and your place in eternity is more certain.

Love children, even if they are dirty and have a runny nose, and are not yours.  They are newcomers to this planet and they learn what they see and hear.  They belong to all of us.

Remember we are all human beings, all flawed, and all overburdened in one way or another. Join together as if someone is invading our homes, as if war is imminent, clasp spirits, and then pray for peace, hand to hand and heart to heart.  We are human.  We are earthlings, here to be a family, to protect the planet, and to forgive, and love one another.

Now stretch your arms up, take a breath, and smile.  CREATE a day worth living!

Always find a way to laugh and be happy.  That’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it!





Monitor your thoughts carefully

Thoughts become action. Make your thoughts positive – even if it takes a bit of thought! It will also have to become a habit. In the meantime CREATE a beautiful weekend.

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
Mark Twain

Fall seven times, stand up eight.
Japanese proverb

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Choose happiness. I really care!


For you – Watch a butterfly flutter by!  The smallest things can make us smile.  ALLOW yourself to enjoy the day..

butter 3

Stress magement in action

Take a deep breath or two as you read this.  It will help you to relax (it’s the way the body works!).

Now since this is Friday, you are probably visualizing a relaxing weekend.  I hope so!  But if you are one of these folks who have to work (like my husband) remember are fortunate to be working, and a Saturday means extra money.  That should make the day of rest on Sunday even sweeter.

No matter what you have to do – lawn manicuring, taking the children to swimming lessons, working outside the home, or just being a couch potato, remember the relaxation of it all is strictly up to you….You can CHOOSE to be pissed.  Choose to say, “I can’t do it”, or you can remember YOUR RESPONSE TO LIFE is 100% in your capable and intelligent hands.

No matter what happens you ALWAYS choose your response.  And since times are a bit unnerving, remember theses MOMENTS in time are all we have…literally, moments.

So make sure you choose wisely your response to life.  Include a bit of patience, breathing, and a vision of the things you are happy about in your life.  REALLY, think and choose wisely.  We could all be dust in the wind the next moment, so put your stress management techniques into effect NOW.

CREATE your life moment by moment.  If you think this is silly – I guarantee it is not. It will go a long way to brighten your day and your weekend.  I care.  I want others to feel as I do – no matter what happens!

I am walking better in my walker, and I am HAPPY!  I choose to be.


What are you grateful for today?

Being grateful, even for the smallest blessings, lessens the importance of some stress!  You can’t think of two things at once!

There are so many to be grateful for, each day. I try to thank God all the time!  Yesterday I was leaving a store and there was a man in a wheelchair with no legs.  I couldn’t stop so I pulled out of the parking lot, and then back in-and parked. 

I walked over and handed him a couple of dollars (which emptied my wallet believe it or not!:).  He smiled and said thank you so much, and said, “God bless you.  You have so many blessings.”

He spotted my dog in the car, and told me he was going to get a dog some day.  He needed a service dog.

I scurried back to the car and got in and pulled out again waving to say good-by.  Again he said “God bless you.  You have so many blessings.

As I drove to the place I was going to take my dog for a walk, I couldn’t get that man out of my mind.  I do have so many blessings.  I am not rich, but I have a husband who provides for us, my family is all healthy and okay, I never go hungry, and I thought – “I have legs to take a walk and a dog to do it with on top of it!”

I am richly blessed!  I said quite a few prayers of thanks to God while I walked.  My mind drifted off  enjoying the outdoors and the cooler weather.
Women’s thoughts often go a thousand directions at a time, as mine did that day.  It was a great walk.  After putting Dakota in the back of my truck, I thought of the man again.  I decided to see if he was still there.

I saw him as I pulled in the parking lot and parked.  This time I took the dog and a bottle of water.  The closer I got, the bigger his smile got.

“I am Marsha,” I said, “and this is Dakota”.  I put my hand out to shake his and he told me his name was Bob

He asked if he could pet Dakota, and of course, the answer was yes.  Then I asked him how he lost his legs….”By choice” he said, rather quietly.  I have diabetes, but I wouldn’t listen to anybody, and now I don’t have legs.  I should have listened.”

This post is not saying how wonderful how wonderful I am!  It is to make a point.  I did very little in comparison to so many people who volunteer and share much more than this.  This is to remind you, as it did me, that with a tiny extra effort, we can do a kindness that means the world to someone else.

We visited for a while and then I told Bob I needed to go home.  He thanked me several times and waved and said well by to both Dakota and me.

As I got in the car I noticed he was still smiling.  I left the parking lot and Bob waved heartily and yelled “God bless you.  You have so many blessings.”

I agree, and one was added to the lot by the feeling I got in my heart and mind because I had done such a small thing that meant so much to Bob.  Bob - diabetes

See if you can do just “one small thing” today, or tomorrow.  Make a difference.  God bless you!    (I caught Dakota just before she sat down.  Kind of a strange photo, but the only one I have.)





One of the Best Stress Management Techniques Available – and it’s FREE



Repetition is the mother of all learning.



Mid-life Crisis?

Are you at the point in your life when you are seriously thinking about divorce or ending your relationship?  This post is for all relationships, because all humans sometimes suffer similar emotions.

 There is no sudden biological event that causes these emotional changes in a male, at least not comparable to the female menopause. Both sexes find may find themselves with similar emotional challenges between the age of forty and fifty, though it can be different timing – as different as we are human beings. Both sexes however, have some of the same feelingsduring the menopause and a man’s mid-life crisis. 

 Do any of these “symptoms” ring a bell?


             - anxiety            

           - irritability


            -overall unhappiness with life


 Those are challenges both sexes need to be aware of to address the emotional turmoil that may envelop a relationship. 

 I find that if I “know” there is a reason for some feelings, I am    better able to meet the challenges of them and not drift a part in my relationship.  Therein, AWARENESS is a beginning.

Women are more likely to talk about their “transition”, but men are more likely unwilling to talk about their crisis.  What is more, they may not even realize what is happening, deliberately ignore it, or even worse, ignore the fact that aging is taking place!

Why there is a negative connotation attached to menopause and a mid-life crisis is a mystery to me.  It should be viewed as perhaps one of the most exciting times in life. 

Other than childhood, no other decade is more complex, interesting, exciting, and unsettled.  We face change, crisis, flux, growth and intense challenges.

Both transitions have been written about, but in fairness, more about women’s changes than men’s.  That is why I will lean towards explaining more about the “man change” as I like to call it. 

There are some biological changes to review first. A man will lose some physical and muscle tone, his body weight is shifting and some men begin to loose hair.

Because so much emphasis has been placed on self-image, some men begin to view themselves as less of a man.  The ego is bruised. 

Lastly, the social aspect of his life may be affected.  The world, in clear tones, tells both men and women that life isn’t very meaningful after forty-five or fifty.

For those of you men facing this, and all men will, if you can remember it is normal to the human life and YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT.  Take a breath!  Better to be prepared than to think you are going crazy.

You are already dealing with adapting to a new world of technology, and an economic crisis with lots of job losses faces us all The man change can bring cynicism.  You’d hoped by now life would be settled and you would be on your way to retirement.  You are caught between generations – your adolescent children and your aging parents.  Everyone needs attention.  Our culture emphasizes that only the young people can have outrageous fun, and jokes about again seem to confirm it Youth is worshiped, which devalues everyone else.  Everyone knows older people have nothing to live for anyway. 

Aside from the youth cult putting you down, you have too much pressure bringing home the bacon and trying to make everyone happy!  Sometimes you feel just like a machine.  You feel like an inadequate vending machine, with everyone pushing your buttons.

On top of it teenagers are having their growth “crisis” at the same time a man might have his!  Is there any wonder now, guys, why sometimes you feel like running away? 

 Your crisis, just like a woman’s menopause, affects everything in your life.  But it doesn’t have to be a reason to run away, quit your job, or have an affair with a twenty year old.  So many men have gone off the deep end, NOT KNOWING their feelings are legitimate and important to face squarely.  You’ve not been a coward before, and this is a natural part of life.  Perhaps you didn’t realize the basis for your feelings, but knowing they are normal may help you and your partner to learn to turn things to a better path and a calmer time.

You can put your enemies in a line, like ducks in a row.  Your first enemy is your waning physical prowess and strength.  Enemy number two is work that you feel is trapping you.  The third enemy is your wife and family.   What is the ultimate enemy?  Why God, of course!

“How could a loving God make me like this.  He is ultimately to blame.

Now that we have identified that you guys really are going through some heavy crap….what are we going to do about it?  There is hope!

For now I must close the post and meet with the RN who comes over to check up on me twice a week.  I am better, but it is a slow process.

Tomorrow we will find ways to cope and rise above these hard times.  You need to do this for your peace and happiness, and so you don’t accidentally dump what is really important to you during a fit of anger or depression.  In the meantime, take a breath.  Find a way to steal a few minutes to take a hot bath (real men take baths!)  or just relax and enjoy the evening.














Injury As a Catalyst

The definition for injury is certainly NOT any of the things I am going to mention, but is most certainly a catalyst for them to be born.

When an injury occurs certain things happen.  Pain, harm, damage, or a wound may be present.  Whether the injury is to our physical being, or our mental wellbeing, an injury can change our lives.

Sometimes the changes will be permanent.

So what then am I speaking of when I call an injury a catalyst?

Simply this.  An injury CAN BE A POSITIVE catalyst for you, as I am INSISTING it is for me!  I am TRAINING myself to use this time for my good; and it does take practice.

 Let me share what I mean.  Since I had a fall three weeks ago and practically everything I normally do has changed.  I broke a bone in my back – L1 is a compressed fracture with part of the bone partially detached and pressing into my spine. 

I went to the doctor, had an x-ray, had an MRI, went to a special neurosurgeon, and now I have to wait for a consultation with a doctor who may do a procedure…these appointments have been vastly spread across the time period and so it’s been necessary for me to continue on.  My husband leaves for work when it’s dark and comes home after dark.  He works long and hard hours…. his backaches just from his difficult job. 

The first thing he does when he comes in is ask how I am!  He also calls at lunchtime.  What a man!

Writing has been a rock for me, though I admit, I cannot sit at my computer without a back support and a certain amount of pain.  Even sitting in bed or on a couch takes “work” to set up so I am not injuring myself more – or wrenching in pain.

 But let me say this – about that.  I am grateful every moment for having a bed, and a couch and a computer.  I never forget these are all blessings!

Personally I believe in prayer, meditation, and miracles. Almost everything I read is positive in content, and for my growth as a human being.  There is plenty of violence and discontent pressed in our faces – I choose NOT continue it in my personal time.

Example:  When I get out of bed these days, I turn on my side and drop to my knees on the floor with a straight back.  Since I am down there I think it must be a good time for a humble prayer.  A catalyst for prayer.


Example:  When I walk now I find myself using my oxygen to help with the pain and keep me relaxed.  I consider my posture and hold a position that is a positive one for now.  A catalyst for using our natural gift of oxygen and taking time to do what is best for my body.


Example:  When I get on the computer I spend time researching injury, methodology of healing, background checks on medical procedures, etc.  I read of others injuries and join a new family of those in the healing mode.  A catalyst for learning.


Yes, I have taught and practiced stress management for years, but this is all new to me, and a time to CHANGE some things in my life.  I doubt in the future that I will be able to run and jump on the bed and awake my husband with a kiss when he’s slept in on Saturday. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!    (The kiss is always good!)


PRACTICE using your injury as a catalyst.  It helps, and if nothing else for you, is a diversion from pain to hope.  One off the wall thought – but true – don’t think that alcohol will relax you and help the pain!  It just causes more problems. 

CREATE your life with what you have in your life NOW.  Make it a good one!  Thanks an order!  (smile)   I just care!


This injury has been a catalyst for me to find ACCEPTANCE again.  Some things we cannot change – but we can ALWAYS CHOICE OUR RESPONSE.


I hope whatever it is you are dealing with at this very moment; use it for YOUR benefit.  There is ALWAYS a way.  It may take practice.  There may be moments you become discouraged, but never give up hope, and don’t let the regret of what has happened overpower the innate (and I believe we all have it) POWER we have been given as humans – to change, accept, and heal.


God bless you all.