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Stop and Smell the Roses

Can’t think of a better statement to add a moment of stress management and relaxation to your life. But don’t just think of it as smelling a flower. It means more than that. It means take time to look around you.
Slow down enough to really see blessings that we take for granted daily.

I am learning to walk again. I never thought I would realize what a blessing it is to have legs to move freely. There are so many things to be thankful for. If you have a child or a partner or wife, look at them and take the time to hug them or say I love you.

Life can change in the blink of an eye. I know, because it did for me. So please, stop and smell the roses. Take a breath, and CREATE a stellar day. It’s all up to you. No matter what happens, you have the choice one hundred percent of the time to respond in a manner that will bring either education, or joy to you life. Look for it and find it. I really care!Coral rose

A Surprising Stress Management Technique

“Do unto Others”. How did I arrive at this conclusion?

Let me share with you what happened yesterday. I decided to buy a new purse. I haven’t bought a new one for years as I do most of my shopping at second hand thrift stores and yard sales.

You really get a better mix of “stuff” than if you go into, say Kohl’s. Off the point.

I came home and realized the purse was not made well and wasn’t quite right. It was made in China. Duh!

Early in the evening, before dusk, I decided to take the dog out for a ride and return the bag. Just as I parked the car and had leashed up the dog to let her out, I saw three teenage boys headed my direction.

About two parking spaces from the passenger side of my car, one of the boys bikes locked up and he went flying forward and on the asphalt. The bike came crashing down on him. I knew he had to have been hurt.

I jammed out of the car with the dog (much to hot to leave her in) – and flew over to him. He was bleeding from the lip and many places on his head; pretty heavy bleeding.

I handed one of the boys my Rottie and said, “She will mind you” and ran to the car to get paper towels…I always carry them, for no particular reason.

I started to rip off a few and the roll flipped out of my hand and under the car. I had a hand full though.
When I got back to the boy he was sitting up with blooding gushing from his head. I told him we had to stop the bleeding, and proceeded to press tightly, with open hand, across the many places that were bleeding.

I kept the pressure on as the other boy on the bike called 911. Within minutes the fire truck and ambulance arrived.

In the meantime I asked one of the boys to get more paper towels and I handed Chase (I had introduced myself to him to start a conversation and keep him awake.)

I gave Chase those towels and told him to press on his bleeding lip. He said he was going to pass out and I saw he turned gray. I was going to gently lay him down, but I wanted to keep pressure on his head and I held him tighter and told him to stay awake for me.

A couple of minutes and his color seemed to return some. In the meantime several cars stopped to see if they could help, but there wasn’t anything to do. One
young man said he would pray for him, and I thanked him.

Chase kept saying thank you, thank you so much. I told him it was okay. At one point he said it again and I felt like he was my own child. I instinctively lightly kissed the top of his head and said “It will be okay, Chase.” Didn’t think about it. Just did it.

The paramedics took over and began to wrap his head with long rolls of gauze. I moved back and thanked the boy for holding my dog. He had actually walked her a bit. I hadn’t remembered I had left both drivers side doors open and my wallet sitting right on the seat.

It was still as I left it and I was proud with horrible negative things you hear about our youth, the boys were honest, very nice, and so helpful, actually made me proud.

Chase asked for my number and said he wanted to call me to thank me, so I gave it to his friend…I just wanted to see how he was doing.

The ambulance loaded him up and off they went.

Later in the evening Chase’s mom called from the hospital and told me she was so thrilled when she got there and he was awake. She thanked me many times, and I just told her, “we are supposed to love one another, I would hope someone would do that for my
sons or daughter. She said he was going to be okay, probably a pretty good headache, a puffed up lip and abrasions on his had, and some “staples” in his head.

What a relief.  I was so glad he hadn’t more complications or problems.

Now what does this have to do with stress management? Just this: I felt I needed to return the purse even if it meant a second trip on the same day.  I wasn’t irritated about it.  I thought my husband would have said, “Why didn’t you wait until the next day?”  I know why now.

I have carried paper towels all these years for a reason; now I know why.  I didn’t even think about the “blood” until I got into the store and the salesperson said I should use something to get the blood off.  I always carry an alcohol mix to wipe my hands with, and when I got home I just poured bleach on my hand and washed good.  I still wasn’t worried about the blood.

The stress management part. I am grateful Chase is okay. It relieves the worry about him. I have felt good all day because he is okay,  I was able to spontaneously do something for someone else – it took any worry of my own problems or challenges, and diminished their importance.

Doing unto others – it works. Helping Chase, still gives me a feeling of warmth inside, and a clearer prospective of the world, and somehow makes me feel good to be a human that cares – that responds – and that loves.

My stressors faded into the background, and what is important came to fruition…loving one another. It is the natural thing to do!

Now go do some spontaneous thing for someone. Pick a flower or visit an elderly person. It feels wonderful and really does relieve the stress of those things that seemed so urgent a few moments ago.

If you haven’t been here before…..

There are 176 pertinent posts! Included are some breathing exercises, exercises for those at computers, stretches, and important thoughts on stress management and relaxation. Pick some and READ and apply them – or read and apply them all. It
has been a very busy six months and though I haven’t written, I do apply the techniques to myself. That is why I am the Human Happy Face. Please, make yourself at home and I will be writing again soon. TRAIN yourself to be able to deal with all those stressors, and if you have any questions feel free to comment and I will respond, and help if I can. The fee? Love one another. That means love you too!